Cake Shmake


On July 12th, my boyfriend of 4+ years asked me to marry him.  I was so shocked that I replied with a “Really?” instead of a yes.  We let it sink in for a while before we started even thinking about things.  Little did we know ANYTHING about anything.

We were not prepared for the litany of questions that came our way:

  • Did you pick a date?
  • Do you have a dress?
  • Where are you going to have it?
  • What colors are you having?
  • Inside, outside?
  • DJ or band?
  • Where will you get your cake from?

My first thought was I don’t really like cake.  Neither does he.  And my second was maybe we should elope.

Of course, we wouldn’t do that.  We are close to our families and would want them to be there when we got married.  It’s important to us both.  But what isn’t is all the hoopla.  Not that the hoopla is bad.  Because it isn’t.  We don’t have the money for the hoopla and we want to keep it small-ish.

After some researching, I thought about the cocktail reception and I floated the idea by him and maybe my enthusiasm about it was infectious because he instantly thought it was the perfect solution.  We can have lots of food, have it some place nice but it can still be small, affordable and as relaxing as a wedding can be.  And that’s where we’re at and this place will be home to all the ideas – both fortunate and unfortunate – that we come up with and even things that we most definitely won’t be doing but that I may love just a little bit.

And we’re totally having cheesecake.


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