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August 26, 2008

dresses, day 2

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There’s a definite love/hate thing that happens when trying on dresses. Well, for me at least, because I don’t always fit the sample – or parts of me don’t. So Saturday we went to a bridal store much closer to where we live called Lillian’s in Norwell. My gram and Elaine were tired so they decided not to come. It was just me and my mom which was really kind of nice. I went fully expecting to not like anything at all and even if I did, nothing would compare to the Madison.

I was a tad bit wrong.

They were having a sample sale so I tried on some of those. Meh. One seemed okay by Watters but ultimately everything was cast aside for Pronovias Diamante. There are a lot of brides with this dress. There’s a reason for this. It makes you look AWESOME. I didn’t fully love it until the second try on when we were actually able to zip it all the way (ooh, losing weight just trying on dresses, SCORE!). My mother loves it. Loves it more than I do, I think, but anyway, Diamante:

It is very figure flattering and so I couldn’t stop staring at myself with it on. I looked skinny again! Yay! And it’s very dramatic and sexy and mom thinks I would just knock Dave on his ass in it. And I don’t disagree. And I was fairly won over by it when I had it on and thought this will make an excellent alternative to the other dress. It’s way more affordable that’s for certain. And it is different and no one would expect me to wear it.

But every time I think about not having Madison, I get all sad and cranky. So I think that pretty much says it all. However, I’m still going tomorrow night to retry it for my gram and Elaine. People keep saying, don’t look too different from who you are. Don’t do your hair all crazy or your make-up and blah blah. So I don’t see why the dress should be any different. Yes, it’s sexier and more dramatic but that’s NOT me so why would I pick the dress that is not something I would normally pick? Madison isn’t, either. I expected to buy something short and cocktail-ish. NOT long and ball gownish.

Whatever decision I make, it will be in October, regardless. I still want to try on Antigua and Kelsey and, of course, Madison again. But the farther away I get from Diamante, the less I care and the more I get away from Madison, the more upset I get. I’m nervous I’ll make the wrong decision and disappoint everyone.



  1. this is a BEAUTIFUL dress…

    so now it’s november… which dress did you choose?

    Comment by ladebelle — November 6, 2008 @ 4:36 pm

  2. Sorry about the late reply – I didn’t know the comment existed. Shakes wordpress. I bought the Madison in the end, it was just more me.

    Comment by cakeshmake — June 20, 2009 @ 3:26 am

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