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August 25, 2008


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I went for my first round of dresses on Friday with my mom, gram and FMIL. We went to Priscilla’s because a) I thought I had found the perfect dress and it was there and b) it seems almost criminal to not go and experience it as a bride in/around Boston. So it took forever to find it and Boston’s always FUN to drive around in (and park! Hi, $34 for parking!). Finally, we get there and we’re taken into the private dressing room (squee) and I’m given a silk robe to have in between (double squee) and then she (Michelle – completely awesome, totally knew her stuff and never made me feel rushed or unimportant. If you’re looking at PoB’s, ask for her!!) told me that half the dresses I liked weren’t in yet (including said cocktail dress from a few posts ago and my one true (dress) love). I tell her my budget and she says we’ll work with what’s here and maybe pick out a few that I didn’t pick. Cool!

#1 – Verona by Reverie

If I was getting married in the summer on a beach, this light-weight, almost gauzy material would be perfect. It is actually very flattering from the waist down. But it gave me total shelf boob with the straight cut across the bust. The pleating and bow were very sweet, which surprised me. NEXT!

#2 – Nora by Vineyard

This was my second choice dress after the cocktail and the highest price I was willing to go. Unfortunately, samples are not made for girls that have some curve to them so it was hard to really picture myself in this feeling like I was squeezed into it. The lace work was fantastic and the cap sleeves really made such a difference. I know my gram loved it but when I put it on, it seemed a little too traditional and it occurred to me that maybe I wasn’t entirely interested in that kind of a look…

3. Cecille by Vineyard

I can’t even explain how awesome this feels on and to the touch. It’s a lot of material but it’s not heavy and it just glides over everything and makes you feel very ethereal. It was a tough decision and this was one of the 2 that I did an additional try-on after we were finished. I’m still very much enamored by it but the strapless-ness of it concerned me because I’m busty and I fear that I would be pulling at it the whole night. However, it’s sister dress, Kelsey, should be in in October along with Antigua so I can try those on then. I may end up loving it even more than anything else. Who knows?!?

4. Nell by Melissa Sweet

I think Michelle wanted me to try on a short dress so I could get an idea but since it looks nothing like Antigua and was really not me at all, it didn’t stay on my person for too long. Everyone hated it. It might be nice for a girl who’s going to her prom or semi-formal and wants to spend a couple thousand on a dress(!!!).

5. Madison by Vineyard

So, there are two pictures here because I OMG LOVE IT MORE THAN I CAN EVEN SAY. It’s nothing at all what I expected to like or what I expected to WANT. But we put this on and I was beside myself. The belt, although I kind of dig it, was universally hated by my family so Michelle put a sash around the waist and then it became romantic and beautiful (if ordered, it will have a purple sash (fig) as you can see I painted over the belt). I don’t want to say I felt like a princess in it because that’s not what I mean because I don’t feel like that but I felt AWESOME. I felt like the most beautiful girl with a really fantastic rack! 🙂

#6. Maeve by Vineyard

If I hadn’t already tried on two that I really liked (one that I fell in love with), I may have actually really liked this one. It was flattering with the rouching along the bodice and the bow was actually kind of cute. It was actually very, very light and fuller than the Madison. However, I was so anxious to re-try Cecille and Madison that nothing would have mattered.

Quickly, Cecille was cast aside so I could get Madison back on. I stayed in it for almost an hour. While my mom and FMiL tried dresses on, I kept it on and sat in it and flounced around. I felt so great and I wanted it right then BUT I knew I had to keep looking. I promised myself that I wouldn’t just go all willy nilly and pick the first thing I found, like I usually do…

I have decided that I will go back in October when Antigua and Kelsey will be in, try on the dress that started this whole thing and make a decision then. I have plenty of time! But this is exactly why I started this process now. I am so indecisive at some things and this dress picking thing could be the death of me.


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