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August 5, 2008

the dress, pt. 1

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I never thought I would like a short dress.  But leave it to Melissa Sweet, right?  She totally owns me on so many levels, it’s ridiculous.  So when she debuted the Reverie collection, I instantly went head over heels for this:

(courtesy of The Knot)

The pockets alone made me swoon! But I love the v in the front AND back as well as the simple pearl work along it. It’s really lovely. And totally me. There is this idea about a wedding dress, right? That it should be a certain way or look a certain way but I think whatever speaks to you is what’s important. If you try on, say that amazing purple Vera Wang that she did last year, and know it’s the one, then it is. I find it unfortunate that people want to pressure brides into fitting their own wants and desires onto the bride. I admit I’m not incredibly individualistic but I do try to lead my life the way I want to and this wedding will be no exception to that. I want it to be us – just a fancier version.

My heart broke when I saw the 2 $$ signs indicating that it would cost between $2000-$3000 because, um, yeah, totally out of my budget. And with my luck it would be closer to the 3 than the 2 but I called PoB the other day and it’s $2050. I probably shouldn’t be as excited over that as I am but I do love it and there are certain things that I am willing to splurge for, my dress is apparently one of them, although I never thought it would be.

However, with the way things sometimes go, I have 2 other back-ups that I also like at Priscilla’s: a lovely lace by Vineyard called Nora and a simple halter with a full skirt and pockets, also by Vineyard, called Cricket.

I look at it like college. You have to have some back-ups, right? Plus, I don’t plan on doing this ever again so I want to try on as many dresses as possible because it’ll be fun. But, oh boy, I can’t wait to get my hands on Antigua.



  1. Hi! I, too, fell in love with the Antigua dress by Melissa Sweet when I first saw it on the PoB website. I stumbled upon your post about it as I was surfing the web and I was wondering if you ever got the chance to try it on and if it was what you hoped it would be? Sometimes pictures can be deceiving so I was hoping for some info from somebody who has actually tried on the dress.

    Thanks for any information you can provide, and hope you have had good luck in your search!

    Comment by Jen — October 12, 2008 @ 4:09 pm

  2. Hi Jen, when I went in August to PoB to try on dresses, they didn’t have it in yet. I keep calling and they still don’t have it. I’m hoping by December they will or I’ll get the dress that I completely loved that I ended up trying on instead. But I still want to try the Antigua because it’s lovely and I want to make sure.

    I’ll let you know if anything changes. Good luck!

    Comment by cakeshmake — October 13, 2008 @ 1:22 pm

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