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August 26, 2008

dresses, day 2

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There’s a definite love/hate thing that happens when trying on dresses. Well, for me at least, because I don’t always fit the sample – or parts of me don’t. So Saturday we went to a bridal store much closer to where we live called Lillian’s in Norwell. My gram and Elaine were tired so they decided not to come. It was just me and my mom which was really kind of nice. I went fully expecting to not like anything at all and even if I did, nothing would compare to the Madison.

I was a tad bit wrong.

They were having a sample sale so I tried on some of those. Meh. One seemed okay by Watters but ultimately everything was cast aside for Pronovias Diamante. There are a lot of brides with this dress. There’s a reason for this. It makes you look AWESOME. I didn’t fully love it until the second try on when we were actually able to zip it all the way (ooh, losing weight just trying on dresses, SCORE!). My mother loves it. Loves it more than I do, I think, but anyway, Diamante:

It is very figure flattering and so I couldn’t stop staring at myself with it on. I looked skinny again! Yay! And it’s very dramatic and sexy and mom thinks I would just knock Dave on his ass in it. And I don’t disagree. And I was fairly won over by it when I had it on and thought this will make an excellent alternative to the other dress. It’s way more affordable that’s for certain. And it is different and no one would expect me to wear it.

But every time I think about not having Madison, I get all sad and cranky. So I think that pretty much says it all. However, I’m still going tomorrow night to retry it for my gram and Elaine. People keep saying, don’t look too different from who you are. Don’t do your hair all crazy or your make-up and blah blah. So I don’t see why the dress should be any different. Yes, it’s sexier and more dramatic but that’s NOT me so why would I pick the dress that is not something I would normally pick? Madison isn’t, either. I expected to buy something short and cocktail-ish. NOT long and ball gownish.

Whatever decision I make, it will be in October, regardless. I still want to try on Antigua and Kelsey and, of course, Madison again. But the farther away I get from Diamante, the less I care and the more I get away from Madison, the more upset I get. I’m nervous I’ll make the wrong decision and disappoint everyone.


August 25, 2008


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I went for my first round of dresses on Friday with my mom, gram and FMIL. We went to Priscilla’s because a) I thought I had found the perfect dress and it was there and b) it seems almost criminal to not go and experience it as a bride in/around Boston. So it took forever to find it and Boston’s always FUN to drive around in (and park! Hi, $34 for parking!). Finally, we get there and we’re taken into the private dressing room (squee) and I’m given a silk robe to have in between (double squee) and then she (Michelle – completely awesome, totally knew her stuff and never made me feel rushed or unimportant. If you’re looking at PoB’s, ask for her!!) told me that half the dresses I liked weren’t in yet (including said cocktail dress from a few posts ago and my one true (dress) love). I tell her my budget and she says we’ll work with what’s here and maybe pick out a few that I didn’t pick. Cool!

#1 – Verona by Reverie

If I was getting married in the summer on a beach, this light-weight, almost gauzy material would be perfect. It is actually very flattering from the waist down. But it gave me total shelf boob with the straight cut across the bust. The pleating and bow were very sweet, which surprised me. NEXT!

#2 – Nora by Vineyard

This was my second choice dress after the cocktail and the highest price I was willing to go. Unfortunately, samples are not made for girls that have some curve to them so it was hard to really picture myself in this feeling like I was squeezed into it. The lace work was fantastic and the cap sleeves really made such a difference. I know my gram loved it but when I put it on, it seemed a little too traditional and it occurred to me that maybe I wasn’t entirely interested in that kind of a look…

3. Cecille by Vineyard

I can’t even explain how awesome this feels on and to the touch. It’s a lot of material but it’s not heavy and it just glides over everything and makes you feel very ethereal. It was a tough decision and this was one of the 2 that I did an additional try-on after we were finished. I’m still very much enamored by it but the strapless-ness of it concerned me because I’m busty and I fear that I would be pulling at it the whole night. However, it’s sister dress, Kelsey, should be in in October along with Antigua so I can try those on then. I may end up loving it even more than anything else. Who knows?!?

4. Nell by Melissa Sweet

I think Michelle wanted me to try on a short dress so I could get an idea but since it looks nothing like Antigua and was really not me at all, it didn’t stay on my person for too long. Everyone hated it. It might be nice for a girl who’s going to her prom or semi-formal and wants to spend a couple thousand on a dress(!!!).

5. Madison by Vineyard

So, there are two pictures here because I OMG LOVE IT MORE THAN I CAN EVEN SAY. It’s nothing at all what I expected to like or what I expected to WANT. But we put this on and I was beside myself. The belt, although I kind of dig it, was universally hated by my family so Michelle put a sash around the waist and then it became romantic and beautiful (if ordered, it will have a purple sash (fig) as you can see I painted over the belt). I don’t want to say I felt like a princess in it because that’s not what I mean because I don’t feel like that but I felt AWESOME. I felt like the most beautiful girl with a really fantastic rack! 🙂

#6. Maeve by Vineyard

If I hadn’t already tried on two that I really liked (one that I fell in love with), I may have actually really liked this one. It was flattering with the rouching along the bodice and the bow was actually kind of cute. It was actually very, very light and fuller than the Madison. However, I was so anxious to re-try Cecille and Madison that nothing would have mattered.

Quickly, Cecille was cast aside so I could get Madison back on. I stayed in it for almost an hour. While my mom and FMiL tried dresses on, I kept it on and sat in it and flounced around. I felt so great and I wanted it right then BUT I knew I had to keep looking. I promised myself that I wouldn’t just go all willy nilly and pick the first thing I found, like I usually do…

I have decided that I will go back in October when Antigua and Kelsey will be in, try on the dress that started this whole thing and make a decision then. I have plenty of time! But this is exactly why I started this process now. I am so indecisive at some things and this dress picking thing could be the death of me.

August 11, 2008

indian pond

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They were setting up for what looks to be a lovely brown and blue (the colors of my living room – exactly down to the dusty blue color which was interesting) wedding on Saturday. It let us see what the space was like set-up (even though we’re only having a cocktail reception with limited seating, etc). They put a tent up on the terrace for their dance floor which is interesting – and might be something we’ll have to look into if it looks like rain. But they put cute paper lanterns on it and I’m all about paper lanterns!

the venue

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Originally, we really liked the idea of going into Boston – in particular the beautiful and way over our budget, The State Room.  We thought that if we waited until 2010, we would be able to afford to go there.  No one but us actually liked this idea.  My gram was worried about the older people getting into town (when I suggested I rent a bus/van/whatever for transportation, she looked completely freaked out which huh?) and of course, we were just worried about the price.  But OMG the views!  Gorgeous.  So I had my mind pretty much set and would just deal with anyone who had trouble going into Boston.  (And let me say that we NEVER go into town unless completely forced so my need to do this was weird, I admit.  Curse of the wedding goggles!)

Then I went to an event for my work at Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston. I instantly became smitten and thought it would be a lovely place to have the whole thing. My concern was the price because country clubs can be a little steep – mostly because they can be, you know? – and I was also nervous that they wouldn’t want to host a small cocktail reception when they have people spending 10s of 1000s of dollars for a wedding.

I got the package and the first thing that caught my eye was the $500 room rental for a Friday night. Score. The second thing? The minimum of $3,000 in food and beverage for a Friday night. Um, can you say double score? Beautiful views, great food, pretty room for under $5,000 to start? Yay!

So FMiL and I decided to get out of the house and go have some girl time (ie – let’s go to Cold Stone and eat ice cream before we go on that pesky wedding diet) and we stopped by The Paper Store and looked at invites for a while – most of which were meh at best. One of the employees came over and asked us some questions and this is how part of that conversation went:

Paper Store: Indian Pond? It’s gorgeous there. They do such a nice job for weddings. My neice is, in fact, getting married there next October.
*me and FMiL look at each other, paranoid already*
Me: Really? We were looking at October next year, too.
PS: The long weekend?
*swallows hard and nods*
Me: Yes, I hope so.
PS: Hers is the following weekend.
PS: She booked it three months ago.
*mouth drops*

So I toss and turn and think how we might not get the room now that I’ve really started to like it and told my gram that we’re looking to stay on the South Shore and she was so happy to hear that and that it would be next year instead of 2010. A few days later…

Me: Dave and I decided to go with Indian Pond. We’re going to look at the room on Saturday. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have it there.
FMiL: Really? You’ve decided on Indian Pond?
Me: …Yeah.
FMiL: Oh, good!
*brow furrowed and she gets twittery*
FMiL: Don’t get mad.
Me: What did you do?
FMiL: I’m not meddling! I’m just trying to help.
Me: What did you doooooooo?

She called them and booked the room. Without Dave seeing it. And then she made me promise not to tell him. It was awkward to say the least. I appreciate it and I understand why she did but wow, it was a weird situation to find myself in. But, in the end, I’m happy she did because if we couldn’t get that date, I would be very sad. We went on Saturday, Dave loved it as soon as he heard that he gets a free round of golf and can have an “outing” up to 3 other foursomes for $85 per golfer (which isn’t bad for a private club). (BTW, I did tell Dave because I felt too guilty not.)

So it’s official: We will be getting married on Friday, October 9, 2009. The day is special to me because it’s the day my grandparents were married and they will be celebrating their 61st anniversary next year. I hope just a little of what they’ve been able to accomplish rubs off on us. They’re awesome.

And can I be honest and say I’m kind of freaking out that in a little more than a year, I’m getting married? EEK! I’m super excited and beside myself with joy that I am marrying Dave. He is…pretty darn fantastic…but wow, wedding. No matter how small we make it, it’s still going to be a lot of details and with a lot of this stuff being done by us (me?), it feels a little overwhelming right now. I’m just trying to let it sink in.

I’m actually very excited! And poo poo on The State Room who couldn’t even bother with an email or call back.

August 5, 2008

the dress, pt. 1

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I never thought I would like a short dress.  But leave it to Melissa Sweet, right?  She totally owns me on so many levels, it’s ridiculous.  So when she debuted the Reverie collection, I instantly went head over heels for this:

(courtesy of The Knot)

The pockets alone made me swoon! But I love the v in the front AND back as well as the simple pearl work along it. It’s really lovely. And totally me. There is this idea about a wedding dress, right? That it should be a certain way or look a certain way but I think whatever speaks to you is what’s important. If you try on, say that amazing purple Vera Wang that she did last year, and know it’s the one, then it is. I find it unfortunate that people want to pressure brides into fitting their own wants and desires onto the bride. I admit I’m not incredibly individualistic but I do try to lead my life the way I want to and this wedding will be no exception to that. I want it to be us – just a fancier version.

My heart broke when I saw the 2 $$ signs indicating that it would cost between $2000-$3000 because, um, yeah, totally out of my budget. And with my luck it would be closer to the 3 than the 2 but I called PoB the other day and it’s $2050. I probably shouldn’t be as excited over that as I am but I do love it and there are certain things that I am willing to splurge for, my dress is apparently one of them, although I never thought it would be.

However, with the way things sometimes go, I have 2 other back-ups that I also like at Priscilla’s: a lovely lace by Vineyard called Nora and a simple halter with a full skirt and pockets, also by Vineyard, called Cricket.

I look at it like college. You have to have some back-ups, right? Plus, I don’t plan on doing this ever again so I want to try on as many dresses as possible because it’ll be fun. But, oh boy, I can’t wait to get my hands on Antigua.

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